CS50 Storyteller

- adding a bit of fun to storytelling is the life purpose of CS50 Storyteller

CS50 Storyteller is a mobile app that adds a bit of fun to the storytelling process by connecting an image with a video using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

App users can enjoy watching the video triggered on the mobile device by simply shooting at a trigger image with the built-in camera.

Using CS50 Storyteller is similar to using my other app Cool AR Creator.


Install the "Cool AR Creator" app from iOS App Store

Using the “Cool AR Creator” app, users can create some sort of AUgmented Reality Action (“Aura” or “AR Action”). An Aura is basically the combination of 2 things:

1.      the live view of the reality (a logo, an object, or any kind of image) through a camera, plus

2.      an overlay (a video, an animation, a 3-D object, or just another image) being triggered by the above to be appeared on top of the above

In short, a trigger image + an overlay being triggered = Augmented Reality (AR) or AUgmented Reality Action (Aura).


Laypersons may learn to create Augmented Reality as simple as "1 + 1 = 2" with the "Cool AR Creator".

Cool AR Creator is a viewer and creator of Augmented Reality Action ("Aura"), powered by Aurasma.

Please check out the Aurasma website to learn more about the basics of Augmented Reality and the Cool AR Creator.