CS50 Storyteller (A Mobile App)

- adding a bit of fun to storytelling is the purpose in life of CS50 Storyteller

Harvard CS50x Project by Kwok Wah Ken Auyeung


I took CS50x!

I enjoy taking CS50x!

I am proud of completing CS50x!

CS50 is a course titled "Introduction to Computer Science" offered by Harvard University on campus. The course teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently

CS50x is its online version offered at edx.org from 15 October 2012 to 15 April 2013.

Harvard CS50x Certificate Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 1.28.57 PM.png

Why would anyone be so proud of completing just an entry-level "introductory" course like CS50?

Well, CS50 is not only challenging. It is so cool, awesome and wonderful!

What I like most is the interesting way they tell the stories of boring, tedious and complicated programming. 

Completion rate for CS50x was around 13% out of 10,905 students who submitted problem set 0 (pset0).


"CS50 Storyteller" is a mobile app I create as my Project to fulfill one of the many challenging completion requirements.

CS50 Storyteller attempts to add a bit of fun to the storytelling process by connecting an image with a video using Augmented Reality (AR) technologies including Image Recognition.

App users can enjoy watching the video triggered on the mobile device by simply pointing at the trigger image with the built-in camera (instead of tapping a hyperlink).


Users of CS50 Storyteller may view the existing pairs of image-video stories, also known as AR stories, built-in within the app, by

1) registering as a user;

2) searching for the "CS50" Channel; and

3) subscribing to the "CS50" Channel through the app.

CS50 Storyteller channel.PNG

For example, pointing at the image of an old-style telephone would trigger the story of "The Famous Phonebook" in a CS50 Lecture. 

 Telephone ==> Famous Phonebook Story

Telephone ==> Famous Phonebook Story

Another example is that pointing at the image of "3 little pigs" would trigger the story of "Huff & Puff" in a CS50 Walkthrough. 

       3 Little Pigs   ==>   Huff & Puff Story

      3 Little Pigs   ==>   Huff & Puff Story

One more example is that pointing at the CS50 Fair logo would trigger the story of CS50 Fair

 CS50 Fair Logo ===> CS50 Fair Story

CS50 Fair Logo ===> CS50 Fair Story

Users of CS50 Storyteller may also create their new pairs of image-video stories.

Users' imagination is the only limit to add more bits of fun to users' stories by using CS50 Storyteller. 

This is CS50.

This is CS50 Storyteller.

This is CS50 & CS50 Storyteller.

CS50 Storyteller Introduction Video.

CS50 Storyteller CollageImage 11.png

    The simplified logic of CS50 Storyteller in C programming language

    CS50* CS50_Storyteller(image, video)
        if(image == image_in_library[i]) 
            { play(video); }


I heartily thank Lecturer David J. Malan and all the Teaching Fellows especially Nate Hardison, Tommy MacWilliam, Rob Bowden, Zamyla Chan, and the supporting team for their excellent, illuminating, intelligent and entertaining lectures, walkthroughs, sections, short presentations, guidances in CS50 discuss forum and all the great supporting works. 

I love CS50 and the people giving a wonderful life to it.

[CS50 Storyteller is powered by the AR engine of Aurasma.]